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Rob Wilkins

Jeevan, had a vision of cultivating a community of practice for the Sydney Learning and Development profession as he recognized it as a key component of a learning strategy for professionals who were servicing a rapidly growing number of organizations across private and public sectors, including business, government, international development, healthcare, and education.

Jeevan brought together like minded professionals who were intent on the development of a shared practice which was more or less self-conscious.

He focuses the attention of the group on the professional domain of Learning and Development as well as fostering and encouraging the growth of the community. This is because he passionately believes in the ultimate aim of the group which is developing and enhancing the practice of L&D professionals and to date, that is exactly what he has achieved. The group now has a more national focus and continues to grow year on year.

The Learning cafe is a credit to him and his vision for a wider field of practice and engagement for the L&D profession.