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Review and improve the learning technologies (architecture and implementation) using a user-centric approach including LMS, LXPs, Portals, API integrations, Content Development Tools, Outsourcing etc. Past projects include Fairfax, Westpac, Standard Chartered and Royal Australian College of Physicians.
Develop Personas and run Human Centred Design workshops for Learning and HR.
Selection and procurement of learning and HR technologies. Past projects include Blackmores, NBN, Anglicare, ARCS etc
Design and manage, Communities of Practice (CoPs) by incorporating collaborative learning, problem-solving and knowledge management principles. Examples include the Cloud, IT Service Management and Data Science Communities of Practices at NBN.
Program and project manager using Agile or waterfall methods. I am a certified Scrum Master and SAFe Agilist.
Increase the utilisation of online course libraries e.g Pluralsight, LinkedIn Learning Skillsoft by embedding the courses in Blended Learning.