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How AI/Machine Learning could impact HR/L&D – Survey Results

We are on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution, referred as the era of automation where humans and technology are so interconnected that we are unable to achieve outcomes without them. Is the fear of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) surpassing human capability justified?

Our recent survey on our upcoming webinar on Impact of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning on Workforce Capability highlights the effects of new and emerging technologies like AI/ML and what this will require of HR/L&D teams. Our survey also reflects some of the possible future implications of AI/ML assistance in our day to day work. We surveyed 90 L&D and HR Professionals and here are the findings.

  • Our survey shows that the advances in technologies like AI/ML have the potential to realign jobs and learning models which will have a direct impact on how HR/L&D functions.
    The survey found that very few know what AI/ML can actually do and how it could disrupt or augment their jobs.
  • Our respondents think AI/ML assistance can be successfully integrated by collaborating with AI experts that know its practical application in the business. While others put a greater emphasis on experimenting with AI that encourages adaptability to newer technologies.
  • A majority of our respondents believe that AI/ML will partially or completely replace their roles, we think the future of HR/L&D will comprise of digitally smart professionals working hand in hand with AI/ML automated solutions.
  • Many respondents feel AI/ML will most likely control the analytics space by making recommendations or reporting on the recruitment and learning front. While few feel there could be a higher level of intelligence assistance on repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks.

  • 56% feel that AI/ML will substantially or moderately impact their job in the next 2 years.
  • The survey also found that 57% said they know very little about AI/ML and how it could change the way they do business.

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  • 55% feel AI/ML will partially replace HR/L&D, while 19% feel they could be completely overpowered by it.
  • 39% feel AI/ML will affect HR/L&D the most in tasks related to making recommendations about learning & job roles, whereas 27% feel AI/ML will supersede them in embedding learning in the workplace. While the stats naturally represent the impact of AI/ML on HR/L&D roles, it also predicts a decline in the number of professionals to be employed.

  • 38% said experimenting with Al is the best way HR/L&D can tackle its influence, followed by 25% who felt teaming up with AI experts in the business is a better way forward.